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The Great "Turkey" Caper....

So here is the premise, someone comes into your office with a LIVE “turkey” (we had to use roosters). Your options are: 1) Keep it at your office for the afternoon or 2) pay $20 and we will deliver it to who ever you choose. We had a great time, in spite of the looks we received from people. You just can’t walk into most businesses in Fallon with live farm animals without raising a few eyebrows.

From all of us here at the Club…thank you to all the good sports in Fallon. Together we raised over $2000.00….here are a few photos…

Super Bowling is coming!!!

Its almost that time again....Be sure to mark your calendars for January 29th.  Our 3rd Annual Super Bowling Tournament....

Here are some photos from last year.  Everyone sure had a great time!!

I have attached a flyer with more info and a form to be used for registration.