Thursday, January 30, 2014

11 Teams registered for our inaugural "There's No CRYING in Dodgeball" tournament 

Winning Team!!!
Ronnie Snooks, Garrett Snooks, Jeremy Beach, Joseph Knapp, Cade Manardo, and Cody Downs

1st Losers!!  Still looks like they had fun!

Best Smack Talker of the day...Mandi Mills!!!

Best Team Name goes to NV Dental Arts team
Scott Spero, Denis Isbister, Anthony Laca, Jason Walker, Alex Haffner, Bryan Shishipo, Greg Newman and Sean Hessey
(in no particular order)
Best Uniforms Valley Joist
Jessica Bane, ArieAnn Parks, John Vershum, Sean Thibadaux, Russell Vershum, Dave Biddle and Jake Caballero
(in no particular order)

Talk about some intense Dodgeball...enjoy a few photos of the day..

Good sportsmanship was so nice to see...

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