Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Our Mission:
Fallon Youth Club provides the youth of our community a safe, welcoming atmosphere with positive adult connections.  We are dedicated to the development of all youth regardless of economic status, race, or religion.  Through fun educational activities staffed with professionals, we strive to inspire our members to be responsible, caring, productive citizens

Every community wants a safe fun place for its children, a place to get help with their homework and explore their interests.  Churchill County has the Fallon Youth Club.  Every day after school the Club opens its doors to kids from all walks of life.  Staff greets members with a smile, a snack and exciting and challenging activities making this a place kids want to be.  Charging families $10 a month, for our after school months, we’re affordable for everyone. During the summer the Club delivers free lunches to 6 service sites including 3 neighborhood parks and three low income apartment complexes, a hot evening meal to our Club member’s and a wide variety of activities. Summer weekly fees are income based, money will never be a reason a child is not welcomed into our program.  Serving our community since 2005 the Fallon Youth Club serves over 70 young people each day.  We provide youth of our community a home away from home, with high expectations that everybody regardless of where they start have the potential to be successful happy adults. 

Do you remember the simpler days of just being a kid? Playing with your friends, playing in the sprinklers, or maybe playing ...