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Do you remember the simpler days of just being a kid? Playing with your friends, playing in the sprinklers, or maybe playing a board game, without a worry in the world. Does it seem today our young people are missing out on some of those simple joys? Being a kid today is not as easy as it used to be.  Here a the Fallon Youth Club we work to bring hundreds of kids the fun of years gone by. Over eighty percent of our membership live at or slightly above the poverty level.  For most of our kids, at least one parent is working outside the home. The worry these young people live with is for some unimaginable. Just imagine trying to concentrate on classwork when your biggest concern is whether or not you will have dinner tonight or clean clothes. for tomorrow  For some, the worry is when they might see their mom or dad gain (15% of members live with someone other than their parents). Our goal is to give all kids a place to put their worries away and just be a kid.