Employment and Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in joining our team and all the fun things we do for our community's youth.  

As a busy after school program you can imagine we need active individuals to keep our members engaged.
Below you will find links to both our volunteer information as well as an employment application.  We have found a winning combination for both the applicant as well as the Club is when job seekers commit to a day or two volunteering in our program.  This helps ensure that an applicants idea of working with large groups of young people are a true match with reality.  
So the next steps would be to print out each of the attachments and return to the Club. We are located at 545 E Richards.  Form their we can discuss our future.
Thank again for your interest!!

Youth Development Position Description
Director or First Impressions Position Description 
Employment Application  
Interested in volunteering Volunteer Application

Working at the Fallon Youth Club...the hardest job you will ever



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