Our Program Areas

Everything we do during a programming day fits into one of five areas.  It may look like play, but it is play with a purpose.

Character and Leadership-

Building people of character and helping each person find their own leadership style is a key element of our program.  Throughout the programming day there are opportunities for our members to take leadership roles.  The programming staff have a variety of ways modeling and acknowledging good strong character through small choices everyday. 

Health and Life Skill-

Healthy habits and productive life skills are lessons everyone needs to understand as they grow and develop into adults.  We have several research based small group programs that members take part in weekly.  

The Arts-

Helping members discover their create side is important to our Club as well. This takes on several forms everything from traditional arts and crafts to performance arts.

Education and Career Development-

Helping our members arrive at school prepared to learn is a primary focus our learning center staff.  We are in constant contact with teacher and share this information with parents. Our goal is to be part of the team that ensures academic success!

Sports Fitness and Recreation-

The social learning and problem solving skills developed during well planned play is an essential part of what we feel young people need to know.

The goal of these programming areas is to expose members to a variety of concepts and ideas,  resulting in well rounded adults.

Do you remember the simpler days of just being a kid? Playing with your friends, playing in the sprinklers, or maybe playing ...